Clacton Aero Club

Clacton Airfield, West Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1AG. United Kingdom
Tel: 01255 424671
To the uninitiated, learning to fly seems a formidable task, full of technical terms and abbreviations - almost a foreign language. However once you begin to study for your Private Pilots Licence (PPL) you will find that the syllabus builds steadily into a practical and theoretical knowledge of flying, with guidance from your instructor at every level. No aspect of flight training is difficult but it does require a lot of determination and perseverance to complete your licence so there is great achievement at every step of your flight training.
The UK has two routes to gaining a PPL. Although the basic flight training is the same for both, they vary in the navigation element and the restrictions on the licence.

Also at Duxford we have two aircraft types for you to choose from.
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