Durham Tees Flight Training Ltd

UK, Darlington, Darlington, DL2 1NL. United Kingdom
Tel: 01325 337248
Durham Tees Valley Airport is an excellent place to learn to fly. There is a range of instrument approaches and reassuring radar coverage, and its friendly and professional air traffic controllers are happy to help with practice emergency exercises. While benefiting from this fully controlled air traffic environment, we do not suffer the kind of congestion - on the ground or in the air - that's experienced at neighbouring commercial airports.

It is Durham Tees Flight Training's philosophy to provide flight training in a safe, professional and relaxed environment, and we will do this in as cost-effective a manner as we can -- you should certainly find us competitive.

Our experienced and carefully selected instructors will make sure your training is safe, thorough and carried out as expediently as possible -- we realise time is money. We are committed to your success because it's inextricably linked to ours! If your dream is to fly fixed wing aircraft, we can help you fulfil it!
Our Aircraft
Our Aircraft
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