Gofly Ltd

Hangar 1, Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury, Hampshire, SP4 6DZ. United Kingdom
Tel: 01722 444890
Go Fly flying school offers aviation fans, or just those seeking a once in a lifetime thrill, the opportunity to get up into the sky and pilot their own aeroplane! Gofly offers a wide range of flying lessons and flying courses so there’s something for everyone. Based out of the Old Sarum Airfield, a place steeped in history stretching back to its creation during the First World War, Go Fly offers quality tuition with experienced, friendly instructors and a stunning venue that is second to none. This welcoming flying school continues the rich tradition of flying from Old Sarum, which is said to be one of the best preserved flying fields of its period. Civilian flying lessons have only taken place here since the 1980’s, but since then Old Sarum has developed an enviable reputation for training competent pilots, a tradition that Gofly is proud to continue. Whatever your intention in seeking out flying lessons, whether it be for the realisation of a personal dream, a long cultivated interest in aviation or just for fun we don’t think you’ll find a better combination of heritage, location and atmosphere than Go Fly. Our team of instructors boast a wealth of experience and qualifications among them and always strive to be personable, informative and friendly in order to make the experience for each student pilot as pleasurable as possible and also to maintain the great sense of community that’s always present here.
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