Henlow Flying Club

Henlow Camp, Hitchin Rd, Henlow, Central Bedfordshire, SG16 6DN. United Kingdom
Tel: 01462 851936
The club is the only civilian flying club on the airfield at RAF Henlow At Henlow Flying Club we are able to offer the unrivalled benefits of three large runways and a very favourable training environment.
Working towards your Private Pilots Licence is very rewarding, and you cannot beat the sense of achievement on successfully completing the course and gaining your ‘wings’. We have qualified instructors who take great pride in, and enjoy imparting their knowledge to student pilots.

Throughout your training there are goals to achieve – milestones that mark your progress – your first take-off and landing without the instructor’s hands hovering over the controls, or the ‘once in a lifetime thrill’ of your first solo flight.

Once you have mastered the basic handling of the aeroplane, cross-country navigation exercises give you the confidence and skills to navigate around the country with the speed and freedom that only flying can bring. The Civil Aviation Authority require a minimum of 45 hours of flight training before a licence can be issued. This is divided between dual instruction and solo flights. There is a flight test to be undertaken and some multi-choice ground examinations to pass along the way.
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