Horizon Flight Training

Hangar 406, MOD St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, Barry, CF62 4LZ. United Kingdom
Tel: 01446 750284
Our experiences will take you through lessons such as Effects of Controls, Approach & Landing, Basic Navigation as well as Skills Test Preparation lesson (mock test).

The course can be broken down as general handling, circuits (landing and take off) and cross country navigation.

You’ll never be asked to carry out an manouvere without first being briefed before the flight, and having a demonstration by the instructor whilst in the air.

So long as you can copy the motions and understand why it’s done, you’re on the road to sucess.
Flying Solo

A day you’ll cherish for life.

Taking to the skies on your own for the first time is a moment you’ll cherish, you’ll feel nervous and anxious. But after landing you’ll be flooded with euphoria – Confirmation you can fly a plane.

Our instructors will never send you solo before you’re ready, so enjoy this moment.
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Aircraft - Horizon Aircraft Services
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