Skytrek Flying School

Rochester Airport, Maidstone Rd, UK, Chatham, Medway, ME5 9SD. United Kingdom
Tel: 01634 200787
Become a Private Pilot - Learn to fly!

Skytrek offer qualified instructors with professionally maintained aircraft for flight instruction and self fly rental, ensuring a safe and effective learning situation for our students while adhering to safe practice and all applicable regulations.

Quality training for future safe pilots is the objective of Skytrek Flying School. Working within the syllabus for the licence that you are working towards, our experienced instructors will tailor your training to suit you. Thorough and safe training of students we ensure the aircraft are operated carefully, safely and respectfully. Our reputation is built on providing well maintained aircraft at an affordable price for both training and rental.

As with other flying clubs, annual membership of the club is obligitory to either learn or self fly with Skytrek and brings many benefits including Licence revalidations, Pilot checkouts, Ground School, Competitions, Pilot Briefing Area, Self Fly Hire and Fly outs.

Here at Skytrek we can provide you with the one to one training you need to achieve the following licences and you can begin your pilot training with absolutely no previous experience. Our qualified instructors will guide you through the practical and theoretical aspects of the course until you obtail that PPL. One of the biggest factors in training is your aptitude and the speed at which you learn.