Sussex Flight Centre Ltd

Hangar 4, Shoreham Airport, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5FF. United Kingdom
Tel: 01273 446633
If you've already decided that you want to fly, no matter whether it's for recreational purposes, or with other ambitions, SFC can give you the best possible support to achieve your dream. If you're unsure, or if you have never flown a light aircraft, it's worth taking a Trial Flying Lesson. We offer a range of these. At times where the previously unthinkable becomes commonplace, it's important to remember that flying is still one of the most satisfying personal achievements. Learning to fly means making an investment in yourself. A skill which literally puts you "above things" brings with it extreme satisfaction - how about flying your friends to France for lunch? Or visiting distant family members without the hassle of long car journeys? The limit is up to you.

Almost anyone, including people with disabilities, can obtain a pilots licence. Despite what you may think, aptitude plays little part in completing the course. What you need is dedication to complete the training. None of us were born with wings, we all had to learn! Pilot training consists of both ground and flight training; neither of these are difficult.

The PPL course is broken into sections (see the Private Pilot's Licence page). By flying with one of our experienced instructors (one will be assigned to you for the course) you will benefit from the very best flying training available. Most of your flying lessons will be of approximately one hour's duration and will include a full debriefing of the exercises covered. You will also be advised on what background reading to do, in order that you are best prepared for your coming lessons. While much of the course in terms of ground school is learnt through self-study, a considerable amount of tuition in the theoretical knowledge is given; very similar to a driving or sailing course.