The Flight Centre

VVB Hangar, Elstree Aerodrome, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD6 3AR. United Kingdom
Tel: 01702 546420
The PPL(A) is the foundation for all your future flying, whether that be for purely recreational, private ownership or commercial purposes. It is the basic qualification that all fixed-wing aircraft pilots achieve first and it opens up the world of fixed-wing aircraft flying to you. The PPL(A) is a qualification recognised in most countries throughout the world (usually with some paperwork formalities).

As a PPL(A) holder the sky really is the limit!

Training begins ensuring you can safely perform all the basic flight manoeuvres and procedures. You will learn and practice take offs, landings, circuits, and radio work whilst building your confidence to your first solo. Between solo flights you will fly with your instructor who will introduce you to the advanced manoeuvres and the principles of cross-country navigation. In the final stages your instructor assists in refining your skills in preparation for the practical examination.