So you want to
Fly an Aeroplane

How Much
Will It Cost?


The cost to learn depends on how frequently
you fly and how quickly you progress

How Long
Will It Take?

Where Can
I Learn?

There are over 200
flying schools in the UK

Find one near you and book a
trial lesson

What Will I Be
Able To Do?

  • Fly single engine aircraft
  • With a single pistone engine
  • Carry passengers
  • Carry luggage

The PPL Course

Trial Lesson

Book a 1-hour lesson to make sure you really want to fly

First Lessons

You'll learn general aircraft handling, including take-offs and landings.

Air Law Exam

Passing Air Law is usually required before you are allowed to fly solo.

First Solo Flight

After around 10 to 20 hours of flying you'll be ready for your first solo flight!

Class 2 Medical

You will need to pass a Class 2 Medical before you are allowed to fly solo

Solo Cross-Country

After the first solo, the solo cross-country flight is a big milestone in learning to fly. You are required to make a flight of greater than 150 nautical miles and land at two other airfields, all without the assistance of an instructor.

You'll already have flown further afield than your base aerodrome, but you'll learn how to navigate cross-country and land at other airfields.

Finish Exams

You'll need to pass the other 8 exams before you can qualify as a pilot.

Skills Test

The skills test is the flying equivalent of the driving test. In it, the examiner will test you on everything you've learnt. It generally takes a couple of hours, but you'll be well prepared by the time you reach this point.

Radio Practical

To make sure you can use the aircraft radio you are required to pass a practical test. This involves sitting in a room and talking into the headset as if you were on a real flight.

The PPL License!

Your license lasts for life, but you'll need to make sure you keep flying regularly otherwise you may need to take a test.

How PPL Tutor Can Help

Resources to help you learn to fly

PPL Tutor on desktop and mobile

PPL Tutor resources are available on mobile and desktop devices

All are free to download and try

PPL Exam Tutor Download PPL EASA Exam Tutor on iTunes Download PPL EASA Exam Tutor on Google Play

PPL Exam Tutor

Revise for and practice the 9 ground school exams.

Try Air Law for free!

PPL Nav Trainer Download PPL Nav Trainer on iTunes

PPL Nav Trainer

Learn how to use the flight computer

Practice calculations for the exams

PPL Radio Exam Tutor Download PPL Nav Trainer on iTunes

PPL Radio Exam Tutor

Learn the structure of core radio calls

Practice calls and get feedback ready for your test

After your PPL

Once you've learnt to fly, what next?

Where Can I Fly?

the UK

Once you've learnt to fly, very few parts of the UK are off-limits


Regulations across Europe have been harmonised and flying in mainland Europe differs little from flying within the UK

the World

Many pilots take their UK-issued license further afield, in search of new adventures, and better weather...

The Cost of Flying

How you continue to fly after you've obtained your license will depend very much on your budget, but also on how often you plan to fly

Plane hire Flying Club Shared Ownership Sole Ownership
Only pay for the time that you fly
Pay a membership fee and a reduced hourly hire rate
£60+ monthl/
Own half, a quarter, a sixth, or even less of a plane.
Pay a share of maintenance and hangar fees and for fuel when you fly.
£3,000+ purchase
£150+ monthly
Own your own aircraft
Pay all maintenance and hangar fees and for fuel when you fly
£X,000+ purchase
£500+ monthly