PPL Air Law Exam

The Aviation Law, or Air Law, exam is usually one of the first exams taken by student pilots as it is generally required to be passed before the first solo flight. Given that this may occur within the first dozen or so hours of flying, it's important to start revising for Air Law as soon as you start flying lessons.

The Air Law exam consists of 16 multiple choice questions, making it one of the two longest exams, and lasts 35 minutes. As for all exams, the pass mark is 75%, meaning that you must answer 12 questions correctly.

The subject covers topics such as the Rules of the Air, how UK airspace is categorised, and International Civil Aviation legislation. It's quite a large subject and much of it is vital knowledge for everyday flying, which is why it's generally a requirement before flying solo – even though your first solo flight will only be a circuit of the airfield where your lessons are conducted.

The PPL Tutor application contains revision content and multiple choice tests that will help you to pass this important exam and, the best news is: it's totally free. If you find it helpful, then it's up to you whether you pay for the other eight subjects or not.

Our question database has over 100 questions for Air Law alone and these are modelled on real questions, so you'll get an excellent head-start when you come to take the exam. And if you need help remembering key facts, we have 80 pages of Air Law revision content to help you to revise.

Give our Air Law exams a try, and good luck!

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