PPL Operational Procedures Exam

The Operational Procedures exam covers subjects such as light signals and runway markings at aerodromes and procedures in case of an emergency. Previously, Air Law and Operations were contained within the same exam and there is some overlap between the two subjects, which means it makes sense to revise both together and take the exam at around the same time as that far Air Law.

The Operational Procedures exam consists of 12 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. The pass mark is 75%, meaning that you must answer 9 questions correctly.

Operations is one of the subjects covered by a full purchase of PPL Tutor and the application contains both revision content and practice questions. As with Air Law, the questions are modelled on those in the exam.

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An example of Operational Procedures revision content in PPL Tutor
An example Operational Procedures exam question in PPL Tutor