Alouette Flying Club

Building C700, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Biggin Hill Airport,, London, TN16 3BN.
Tel: 01959 573243
Alouette has some of the cheapest flying rates in the South East of England. They achieve this by running as a club with no employees and low overheads. This also ensures that new members, whether joining as social members, students or qualified pilots are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Members of Alouette range from early teens to… let's just say there's no upper age limit. Whether newly qualified or experienced flyers, they all have a love of flying in common. This translates to an active social side of the club including a bar and clubhouse and organised summer events such as barbeques and Saturday food evenings and a club night on the first Wednesday of every month. Club members organise fly-aways and non-flying members are welcome to come along.

Alouette's qualified and experienced instructors can provide training on most days of the week or weekend and we welcome anyone who wishes to join in the running of the club. Alouette is a corporate member of AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and assures high quality flight training and excellent value for money.
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Alouette Flying Club - Aircraft