PPL Tutor: EASA PPL Ground School Exam Practice

The EASA PPL Tutor allows you to revise for and practice all nine ground school exams needed to obtain your private pilot's license.

PPL Exam Practice

The core of the application allows you to take mock exams in one of two modes:

  • Mark-and-go, where answers are shown as correct or incorrect as you answer them
  • Timed, which simulates an exam situation where you are able to skip questions and change your answers within the time limit. Your final mark and any incorrect answers are shown at the end.

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Exam Revision Content

Extensive revision material is provided either for brushing up before taking a practice exam, or looking up information on incorrect answers.

Revision content for Air Law is provided for free and, once you've discovered how helpful PPL Tutor is, you can make a one-off payment to unlock the rest of the subjects.

An example revision diagram

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You can revise on the website or you can download the PPL Tutor app for free and start practising with all of the free content provided for the Air Law exam.

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Includes Air Law exam and revision content

Brilliant study aid

Richard fly boy - Aug 18, 2016

I agonised on whether to buy this app or others or any I tried the law element and what a brilliant marketing tool just took exam and attained 100%

Excellent app

Adenorv - Oct 10, 2015

In conjunction with reading the books for ppl training this app is a great tool and focuses on a lot of the stuff you NEED to know. Recommended to anyone as a revision tool.


Kmemphis87 - Sep 17, 2015

Great app a must have for a student pilot PPL EASA hope they bring some more out

1 down several to go

Super duper87 - Sep 10, 2015

Just passed the first of many exams thanks to PPL tutor. That's Air Law out the way. Now time for more revision on the next subject. :)

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