Introduction to the PPL Exams

On the way to pass your Private Pilot's Licence (the PPL) you will need to take three types of exam or test:

1) The Nine Ground School Exams

These are written multiple choice exams that test theoretical knowledge such as Air Law, Operational Procedures or Navigation

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2) The Radiotelephony Practical

This is sometimes referred to as the R/T or RTF exam, or just the radio exam, and tests your ability to use correct terminology when speaking on an aircraft's radio. This test is in addition to the written Communications exam, which is one of the nine ground school exams, and together they will give you the Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL) which lets you operate the radio in an aircraft

3) The Skills Test

This is like the driving test in that it is performed with an examiner in the passenger seat and tests your flying skills. It's usually the last step on the way to getting your license.

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